Painted Monkeys Party Pampering Services

New to my collections is Painted Monkeys, where I bring the party to you!   Book Your Party Today!

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I have picked some of the most talented stars I know to join us! We are all moms, daughters or grandmothers that know how special the memories of this life events can be! I want to assure you that you won’t be disappointed and at times it will bring you to happy tears of joy! I know Liz Gray one of our photographers has to me!

So with all my life work and experience, I have brought together real people that
really genuinely care about getting it right for you and family or friends! To me that’s priceless!!!!

From Princesses to Cake pops, from Giggles to Glitter! I can hook you up! 

Pick your theme today and be totally delighted with our creativity brought to you! 

Birthday packages are great for all ages.

Does your princess love to be pampered?

Does she have friends that love to dress up, have their make up and hair done?

 Do you love the idea of let yourself enjoy the moment have someone else do the planning and organizing the party?

Then Painted Monkeys is just for you and your special little princess

What if you have a boy that loves pirates or rock stars, well let us paint his crew arghhhh!