mas y mas for teen wear

I had done a series of images for the teen pop clothing to sell at Magic.  But I can’t believe how many I’ve done. Many while Sabrina napped or played. Here are some samples.
These were before Danté was born. Somehow I managed to come up w/these simple images though I hated the fact that they had to be vector images. To me they lack a texture and soul but that’s what buyer for the clothing companies wanted. I have a friend who just said on FB how much she dislike the lack of plain old tees.. well I love that now a days we continue to have business from consumers to whom the busier the shirt, the cooler the design is for the buyer. As a designer it has forced me to get creative w/textures, combining symbols and push limited color look cool and grungy.

Honestly, it’s these buyers/consumers, that allowed me to get my daughter gymboree classes and mommy & me. In fact, the last design in this page somehow ended up being bought in Africa and Argentina, for whom, I don’t know, it was sold through an agency, but its cool that it maybe on a mug somewhere, or a tee shirt or a magazine. One day Danté will have his classes paid by this single image or if it does really well and the royalties work out, college (for a semester). Who knows.
And its time to create more…

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