Locks of Strength

In history, hair has symbolized beauty, strength, sex, class and also state of mind to name a few. For me it was my strength and power. If I spent time on it, that meant I felt good about myself and sexy. It’s very important in my work. Most of my favorite designs (sometimes my hubby and I team up and created) are because of the swirls in the hair. I would just have a blast with creating a twirl or adding embellishments.

Last week I decided to chop it off. A time of chance? Yes. But this time in attitude. I am giving back. I am doing what I’ve had lack courage to do for fear of looking silly or losing my only true favorite feature I love about myself, my hair.
Do I regret it? Not a bit. I love it, so freeing. I want to go even shorter. I was told at first, I look like a boy, well, tough, I embrace it. As far as I can remember I have had long hair, I think I was born with a trail of it.

Where is my hair now?
About to be mailed off to an amazing campaign, Beautiful Lenghts by Pantene. I feel so fortunate to have found it, or it found me. I didn’t make the cut for locks of love, hair 9 1/2 inches instead of 10. Then soon after getting it cut, I just happen to flip to an ad about Pantene’s campaign. 8 inches or more is all they need.. is that a sign or what? My heart was filled with incredible joy, like someone had light up my heart from the inside and I really wanted to dance, cry and hug anyone. The ladies watching my hair get chopped off were amazing at my calmness as the stylist struggles to trim off my locks. My hair just too thick to do it in one chop but rather over 5 times and practically broke her scissors. Feeling inspired? Don’t be shy to look:

What’s the sudden inspiration?
Well, I had a scare and turned out to be benign. The holidays were a bit of torture waiting to find out what was this thing that had now a personality growing in my head. It hurts if I’m mad. Tingles if I’m laughing. And feels like a stab when I wanna cry or get frustrated. Luckly it was just a cyst, unfortunately growing quite fast and a little painful. Someone I know who is a nurse, suggested they would cut a large portion of my hair to be able to remove it.. that started me thinking… why not cut it all.
Then my hopefully, future brother in law tragically lost his mother to battling cancer. And I felt incredible guilt. So I am doing this for her, for a little girl named Libirti, for Mrs. Tammy, my talented friend Paige, little Toki and the other people I haven’t had the fortune to meet going through or have faced a terrible battle.
Life is cruel at times, but can make us better human beings. I am filled w/wanting to give more.

This is for you Annie Bell, I didn’t get the honor to meet you but you have filled my heart with gratefulness. Thank You!

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