More about me? I’ll tell you:

Nancy Olivét Schier. aka Spiceybrain, was born in Mexico City and daughter of amazing rock star artist /muralist Miguel Angel Ramirez

With a great sense of humor and passion for beauty, I always knew I’d be an artist.  Yet, was amazed to see what options I had after graduating w/honors from ArtCenter College of Design. I wanted to try it all!!! I have worked at Disney Interactive, Disney Feature and currently licensing to the garment and giftware industry.  I have decided I want to teach again and have team up with Dr.  Ben & company to mentor at Exceptional Minds! What an honor!

In the 90′s, I tried working on videos games for Disney Interactive with such as titles as Pocahontas and Gargoyles . Then moved to Walt Disney Feature Animation working on such films as Tarzan, Treasure Planet, Atlantis, Home on the Range.

My passions include painting, photography, traveling,bringing talent together, designing but most of all playing with our little monkey’s Picante Danté and Sassy Sabrina beana. My work is featured on women’s bodies and greeting cards across the world. You maybe wearing something of mine and just don’t know it. Recently started a party service, PAINTED MONKEY because I just love entertaining and bringing talents together.

Married to a very talented Mr. Right, Daniel Schier.  He is an amazing artist for Nickelodeon Animation Studio. Together we team up a make magic. Without him, I would not have the variety that I have in styles. We do what I call Tag art. I may start with a concept, he redraws it and cleans up, I paint and embellish. TADA !!! Adorable images for all to enjoy.


I believe we should all be grateful for our blessing so my new approach is to create with a voice and give back to the community.  It’s my way of saying thank you.